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Two week old chicks

The little cheepsters are 2 weeks old today.  They are still so cute, but already they are growing and developing their little wings.  We have let them down the ramp from the hen house into the run now and they go and up and down the ramp quite readily, and Mrs Speckledy leads them up the ramp at night to go to sleep.


They have already learnt that a little bit of bread is a treat to eat.


The other chickens are delighting in treading down the grass in their new run.  They also love a treat of some bread in the afternoon.


It’s always rewarding going to collect the eggs.  I love it when Mrs Cream Legbar has laid a blue egg.


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A blue egg

When I went to collect the eggs today, there lying in the straw of the nest box was a single blue egg.  Mrs Cream Legbar, known to us as Lucy Legbar, is back in lay.  She hasn’t laid an egg for 6 weeks.  That sometimes happens when a hen moults, although we didn’t see any visible signs of that in Lucy Legbar.


OK from the photo it doesn’t look very blue, but it is light duck egg blue, quite different from the various shades of brown that the other hens lay.  We only have the one Cream Legbar hen now, so that’s how we know it is her when she lays.  So very pleased to see Lucy Legbar back laying eggs again.  We had 8 eggs in total today, not bad for mid winter and no artificial light in the hen house as they do in commercial egg laying farms.

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The hens are a funny bunch

The hens are a funny bunch.  We have conditioned them like Pavlov’s Dog, so that when they hear our feet on the gravel outside the back door, they think it means we are coming to see them with food and they rush down the field, wings flapping, running madly and wait at the fence edge nearest to us.

hens waiting for food by the fence
At lunch time we throw them bread and corn and they go mad for it, especially the bread. They pick up one piece and run off with it, so none of the others can have it, eat it , and then come back for another piece. When all the bread is gone they start on the corn.  They  have “layers pellets” on free demand 24/7 in the hen house, so they can get those at any time.

Hens pecking at bread and corn

Unfortunately they poop in the nest box too, so we have to clear the poop out everyday, but sometimes the eggs are a bit dirty on the outside.  We get all shades of brown, including pinky brown, and then one white and one blue from our 2 cream legbars.  All these lovely eggs for our B&B guests’ breakfasts.

Eggs in the nest box

Today we got 12 eggs from them, but the other day it was 14 which is our record from 16 hens.  I love going down to the nest box and peering inside to say what they have laid us.  
14 eggs laid the other day

The other funny thing about the hens is when they to go to sleep. They take themselves up into the hen house at dusk and we have 4 perches in there for them.  But they don’t stand 4 to a perch, they huddle up together and some go in the nest box and about 7 squeeze together on the first perch and the rest behind.  I think they huddle together to keep warm, but they do look funny.


The hens all huddled together at night

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Chickens in the mud

The chickens are paddling.  We have had so much rain this week that the run outside the hen house is just squelching in mud and puddles.  But do the chickens mind? No not one bit.  In fact they just paddle in the mud and drink from the puddles.  Mind you their feathers get wet and muddy and then the eggs they lay are muddy too.

I think the chickens like paddling.  Earlier this year we put out large trays of water for them, as they were drinking their water drinker dry daily, so we wanted them to have access to more water.  Rather than perch on the side of these trays to drink, they get right in, and stand in the water to drink. They are funny creatures.

Anyway Neil is trying to cure the problem by creating a new drain to drain water away from the hen run.  He has dug a big trench, about one foot deep, running from the hen house down the hill to the french drain.  He is going to get some porous drain pipe to put in the trench to lead the water out to the french drain.  Hopefully this will stop the land around the hen house from being so squelchy with sitting water.

It’s strange to think that in the East of England there is still a drought, with reservoirs short on water for this time of year, and here we are with an excess of water!!

The mud has not stopped the hens from laying.  We are regularly getting 6 or 7 eggs a day, and the blue ones have begun to get bigger as the Cream Legbar gets more developed.  We  have 2 Cream Legbar hens, so hopefully the other one will come into lay soon, and then we will get 2 blue eggs at a time.

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Little blue eggs

The hens are laying again.  We went from one egg a day to 3 then 4 then 5 for a couple of days, then yesterday 6, so now we are back in business selling eggs to friends and neighbours.

On Thursday when we went to collect the eggs, there lying in the straw was a little blue egg.  How delighted we were to see that.  It is the Cream Legbar hens that lay blue eggs, and this was the first one she had laid.  Then Friday we got another one and Saturday another one again.

Little blue egg

How lovely, little blue eggs.  They say “duck egg blue” but you never see hens’ eggs in the shops that are blue.  Anyway curiosity got the better of us so today for breakfast we had boiled eggs and had 2 of the little blue eggs.  But they don’t taste any different, not that we really expected them too.  I’m just amused by them, little blue eggs from our Cream Legbars.  I wonder what makes them lay blue eggs rather than brown eggs?

one of our Cream Legbar hens

We’ve got 2 Cream Legbar hens, so in theory we should get 2 little blue eggs a day, so can’t wait for the other hen to start laying.

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