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Wedding on the Bluebell line

Last weekend we went to a wedding on the Bluebell railway line.  The ceremony was in the waiting room on the platform at Horsted Keynes, and afterwards we were served canapes and bucks fizz on the station platform, whilst we waited for the steam train to arrive.

Having drinks on the platform

Then we got on a train in the dining car, first class of course, and went up the line, then back down the line to Sheffield Park, where we all got out and watched them move the engine round to the other end of the train.

The train coming in

More photos were taken, then we all piled back in the dining car, where we had been served drinks and a light lunch, and we made our way back to Horsted Keynes.

The dining car

Here is another photo of the steam engine:-

the steam train

The platform was all done out in 1920’s colours and curios.  There was a whole pile of luggage on one side, that amused me.  How different luggage looks these days!

left luggage

Neil was rather taken with this old sign:-

Neil with old BSA sign

The bride and groom then left in a beautiful old Rolls Royce car to the second part of the reception.

vintage Rollls Royce

The wedding cake was great fun.  It had been made by the bride, including all the flowers and leaves.  On top were lego figures of a bride and groom and running all round the cake board was a little steam train.  How original!

The wedding cake

There was a BBQ, then a disco and the evening was spent bopping away to “oldies”.  It was a really fun and different wedding and very in keeping with the bride and groom.  We stayed overnight and on Sunday made our way back home, with a couple of days to sort ourselves out before welcoming our next B&B guests.

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