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clearing the bramble patch and having a bonfire

It’s turned quite cold, but still it’s not raining or snowing at the moment, so Neil has taken the opportunity to go down the woods and continue with clearing the bramble patch.  He made a big pile of brambles ready for burning.

Neil with a big pile of brambles

And yesterday he decided to light the bonfire and get rid of these brambles.  The wind was a bit all over the place so the smoke did blow around rather.

The bonfire gets underway

There was a dead elderflower tree in the patch that Neil is clearing so he had that down yesterday.  There are some quite big logs which when cut up, split and dried out will make great firewood.

Big log ready for cutting up

Unfortunately I have gone and got the first cold I have had in 2 years since we moved here, so I have not been outside, but stayed in the warm and am cooking up a nice beef casserole for dinner.  Good job we don’t have any B&B guests at the moment as I wouldn’t want to be sneezing in front of them!!
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Invasion in the paddock

We’ve had an invasion in the paddock.  An invasion of Himalyan Balsam plant, which grows tall, over 6 feet tall, and has a pretty pink flower.  The bees love it as they are drawn to the sweet nectar. So we let them have their fill of it.

The pink flowers of Himalyan Balsam

However, it is a weed, not just a weed but a viscous thug of a weed. It spreads and will take over a patch of land. When the flowers go to seed, the seed pods burst and spread the seeds up to 7 metres or 21 feet, so the following year encroaching on more land.

Himalyan Balsam is said to be as much of a nuisance as Japanese Knotweed and needs to be destroyed.  So one afternoon this week, Neil and I went down to the bottom of the paddock and pulled up all the Himalyan Balsam (it is quite shallow rooted) and put on a bonfire.  The next day Neil set light to it all.

Neil with his bonfire August 2011

The bonfire smouldered and smoked for over a day, but eventually that was the end of the Himalyan Balsam for another summer.

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