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The stairs are in.

Exciting times when the new stairs arrived for the pump house renovation.  They arrived as a kit of parts, like a giant jig saw puzzle.  Jolly clever the guy who put them all together as most were winders.

Here are the stairs from the ground floor to the first floor.


And then looking down from the first floor. You can see the alcove where the old bread oven was.  We are keeping that as a feature.


These are the stairs from the first floor up to the second floor.


You can just make out where the window will be.  The builders have covered the stair treads with chip board to protect them so that is not the proper finish.  When all the work is completed we will carpet these stairs.

It’s great seeing the progress and seeing the rooms start to take shape and then we can start planning out what furniture will go where and the position of the electrical sockets.

These will be the stairs to the new guest rooms, bedrooms 2 and 3 for the bed and breakfast.  Hopefully opening Summer 2015.

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