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Having “Big Chook” for dinner

The cockerel we raised from an egg had grown very handsome, but at the same time, very bad tempered and aggressive.  He would try and have your eye out when you went to feed him.


So the time came when we decided he would make a very good roast dinner.  Neil did the deed on Friday evening, killing him quickly when he was in the nest box at night.  Neil plucked him whilst he was still warm and then on Saturday morning our neighbours showed Neil how to gut the chicken and prepare it for cooking. Us being townies who had come to live in the country we had never done this before.  There are no grisly photos as I didn’t want to see that part of the process.

It was 4.5 lbs weight when plucked and oven ready. I cut a lemon in half and popped into the cavity and then it was ready to be roasted.


I like to slow roast so 3 hours later out of the oven it came.


You will notice the breast bone is longer and not so wide as a commercially produced bird and when I carved it there was not so much meat.  The legs were really dark meat, very gamey.  But the taste? Absolutely delicious.  This was a bird that had had a good life, been fed good food and rewarded us with a glorious Sunday dinner.

If we raised chicks from eggs again and we got one too many roosters we would do the same again, as long as I don’t have to see the killing as I’m a bit squeamish!!

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