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Butterflies, butterflies!!

We went outside the front door and on the wall of the house were loads of butterflies sunning themselves.  I suppose the wall was warm and they were attracted to that, but I have never seen it before.



And then there were probably a hundred or more on the Buddleia.  They were mostly Tortoiseshells.


Also we saw several Peacock butterflies.


together with the occasional Red Admiral


And a Large White Butterfly


There were also some smaller butterflies maybe Fritillaries but I didn’t manage to photograph them.  Good job I still have my “Observer book of Butterflies” to look up the different species.

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Insects on the ice plant

We have a beautiful ice plant, which is a type of sedum, that has just come into flower.  It is amazing to see the insects attracted to these flowers, all sorts of buzzy things and butterflies.

butterfly on the ice plant

The buddleia seems to attract the butterflies more and the sedum the bees.

bees and other flying insects on the sedum

Our ice plant is currently in a pot in the front garden, but really should go ito the ground when the back garden is sorted out, so that is can spread and we can divide it.  The buddleia is in the front garden too and will need to be dug up and moved when we do the renovations to the pump house.

Peacock butterfly on the Buddleia

I should like to grow more plants that attract bees and butterflies, I think it is so important, so next year I shall have a new flower bed in the back garden that I will plant with insect attracting flowers.



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