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Neil’s 60th Birthday cake

Yesterday was Neil’s big 60 birthday.  We had a lovely day, visiting a Matisse exhibition in Honiton in the morning and stopping for coffee and cake.  Then in the afternoon we saw a film “The hundred step journey” with Helen Mirren which was a feel good movie and good fun.  In the evening we went to the Candlelight Inn for a meal which was delicious, but also I made Neil a lovely fruit cake for his birthday.


We lit the candles and Neil blew them out.  I thought numbers would be less of a fire hazard than 60 individual candles.


The recipe was the same as I used last year see except I didn’t have any cherries so used chopped dates and apricots, sultanas and raisins for the fruit. And I topped it with vanilla buttercream icing this time.

Anyway we had eaten too much to cut into it yesterday so we are having some today instead.

Chaos still abounds at Lodge House and the B&B is closed at the moment whilst the builders are in.

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Tiny, old fashioned, Birchwood Church

Over the weekend there was a fundraising event at Birchwood Church.  Birchwood is one of the hamlets of the parish of Buckland St Mary, so not far from here. We’d have never found this church if it was not for the special signs put up for the weekend.  It’s down a country road we’ve been down before but very well hidden.  You have to open a gate, walk through some woods and there nestling amongst the trees is tiny Birchwood Church.

Tiny Birchwood Church

Time has stood still at this little church.  There is no electricity – lighting is by oil lamps and candles, and the heating is a wood burning stove.  I’ve never seen one of those in a church before. 

This weekend there were also flower displays, and one of those was right on top of the wood burning stove.

Flowers on the woodburning stove

I can just imagine in days of yore, all the people of the village walking to morning service on a Sunday in this quaint little church.

The inside of Birchwood Church

This weekend a local couple had set up a marquee outside on the grass and were serving tea and cake to raise money for new windows for the church.  They raised over £600 so that was a really good effort.

Such a lovely little church, it’s good to think it is still being used, even though not often, but regularly.

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