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We went to a Waggle Dance!!!

Yesterday evening we went to the Taunton and District Beekeepers’ Waggle Dance and Hog roast.

So what is a Waggle Dance I hear you ask?  Well it’s the movements that the bees do to tell other bees where the forage is. But for us humans it is a celidh!!

Dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

This took place in Neroche Hall which is a converted church.  There was a folk band and a caller, and as no one really knew what they were doing we had to concentrate on the instructions from the caller, to know when to swing your partner, form an arch or dose do!

more dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

The hog roast was delicious as were the puds!.  It was a glorious evening and we had great fun dancing the evening away.  See what fun us country folk get up to!!

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