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The Courthouse, Chard

On Saturday the Courthouse at Chard was open for visitors as a one off for the Chard Festival. The Town Crier was out in his finery announcing what was going on.


The Courtroom is a very old building dating back to the 1640’s and part of a complex of ancient buildings in Chard.  This floor plan shows the age of these buildings.  We went through the first passageway on the left to the light blue building and up the stairs to the courtroom.


This is an outside view.


We went through the door way and past a really old door.


then up the stairs and into the courtroom.

The windows were mullioned and had leaded glass, which was not original but had been replaced as part of a restoration.


The most striking aspect of the courtroom are the plaster murals and decorative ceiling.


The murals on the end of the wall where the judge would be seated all had meanings which people of the time would have fully understood.

There was the judgement of Solomon.


And David in the lions den.


meaning that if you innocent then no harm will befall you.

It is said that the infamous Judge Jefferys known as the “Hanging Judge” presided here in 1685 and Taunton as part of the “Bloody Assizes” after the failure of the Monmouth rebellion.

The mural on the far end of the room represents a Phoenix rising from the ashes, which symbolises Chard rising again from the large fire of 1577 which destroyed a large part of the town.

Certainly an interesting visit and good to learn a little of the history of our nearest town.

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Carnival comes to Chard

October is the time for carnival down here in Somerset.  When we first moved here I thought it was a bit strange to hold carnival in October, as I am more used to carnivals being held in the Summer, but as soon as we went to one I realised why they are held when the evenings are dark. It is so the hundreds of lights on the floats really show up.  There are carnival clubs that fund raise all year round in order to put on the most magnificant floats, so brightly lit by a fairground generator that follows each float.  It’s an amazing site.  Here are just a few photos from Saturday evening.


Something about Mary


Star fella

Starlight express

Starlight express – 2

Artic attack

Moscow eclipse

There were also majorettes and people in fabulous costumes walking along.  All the money raised goes to charity.  We were all lucky the rain held off and we were able to enjoy an hour of great entertainment.

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Ilminster Carnival

Carnival is big business down in the south west of England.  The carnival season starts at Wellington, and this Saturday was at Ilminster, which is only 5 miles away from us, and as we hadn’t been before we decided to go.

It was amazing!.  The floats were huge and all lit up, with their own large generators.  Lots of pumping music and dancers.  Also lots of majorettes from different towns, but it was the floats that blew us away, they were so professional and obviously had cost a lot of money.

the roaring twenties floatmore lights on a float

We certainly hadn’t seen anything like this back we used to live.

A spooky floata disney float

Carnival comes to Chard next Saturday the 8th October. If you want to come down to see it, visit us at Lodge House B&B

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