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First Buckland Community Choir Concert

On Saturday night was the first concert by the newly formed Buckland Community Choir.  We are all locals being 20 strong.  There are only 4 altos, of which I am one, and 6 men.  We are a disparate bunch, some never having sung before or read music, but just coming along for the fun of it.


We performed a wide range of songs, from popular tunes that everyone knows to some we hadn’t heard before.  My own particular favourite being “Refuge”.  The programme may a bit difficult to read, but I have enlarged the photo as much as I can.  We had about 80 people in the audience and raised about £300 for the church funds.
The concert was followed by cheese and wine and an opportunity for a natter.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the music, only we knew where one or two things went a little bit wrong, but no one else noticed, so overall it was a great success.


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