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Christmas walk and Christmas dinner

After breakfast and opening our presents we went for a walk up our favourite woods at Staple Hill.  It was a bit drizzly but as we passed people walking their dogs (some dressed with santa collars for the occasion) we exchanged cheery greetings of Merry Christmas. They’ve thinned out some of the fir trees now and you can just see the light through them.


We came across a small tree that had been decorated with baubles by some children who had left a note on it.


We stopped to take a Xmas selfie against the backdrop of the woods.


It started to clear a bit and we got a good view to the North.


So we had a go at another selfie.dsc01191

After our walk we popped into the local pub “The Candlelight” for a Christmas drink.  It was heaving with people and we whiled away quite some time chatting to friends before coming home to get the dinner on.  I had cooked the turkey last night and prepared the veggies this morning so there wasn’t much to do except put the potatoes in and then cook the veg.  We served up turkey dinner just before 3pm.


I’m looking a bit pink from standing over a hot stove, or was it the bubbles going to my head?


It is traditional to watch the Queen give her speech so after the main course we sat and watched that, then had a little snooze (only 2 glasses of Proscecco will send me to sleep), before Christmas pud and mince pies.

A few phone and Skype calls to family and that rounded off a lovely day.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day.












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Rural craft – making a Christmas Wreath

I do this every year, make a Christmas wreath.  After all we have all the components down the woods.  Neil picked some thin willow whips and bent them round a pail.


We gathered some greenery:- ivy with flowers on, holly, evergreen mint, fir tree and rosemary.


I started by winding some ivy round the willow whips and attaching with thin wire.


Next I added the rosemary to give the wreath a nice scent.


Then I wound some evergreen mint  and some holly round the wreath to add some more green colour. However the holly didn’t half prickle my fingers!


To finish it off I add a red bow and bauble, some red berries and wound some elasticated red ribbon all the way round to help keep everything in place. We added a wire loop to hang it up and proudly displayed it on our front door.


I made another one for an elderly friend but didn’t add the holly and actually I think it is the better one.  Practice makes perfect as they say.

Come and see all our Christmas decorations


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All ready for Christmas

Well in one week we have done all the Christmas preparations and we are now ready for Christmas.  Last Friday we put up the tree.  We like to buy a real one, a non drop one, preferably a growing one in a pot, but the only pots they had were really small trees so we bought this one and decorated it with gold and red.


We put up two really large baubles from the beam in the lounge.


I also hang smaller baubles above the windows.                            DSC06142

Note the Reindeer antlers on the globe lamps, they are for wearing a bit nearer the time for a bit of silliness!!


I love to get a poinsettia at the this time of year.  They are so full of colour and you must surround yourself with red at Xmas.


This chappie always comes out at Xmas time too.  He was given to me by a friend I used to share a flat with many  years ago, but he is my favourite Father Christmas.


The presents are already wrapped and under the tree.


I love having our Christmas cards displayed on the dresser and the bookcase.


I have bought the turkey, and done all the food shopping, so now we really are ready for Christmas.

I  hope you are too.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2014.

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Merry Christmas

I should like to wish all my friends/readers both far and near a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2013.


Here is my dresser full of Christmas cards. It’s so lovely to receive them and display them all round the home.



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Keeping a Poinsettia

I love to buy a Poinsettia plant every Christmas.  To me it is the very essence of Christmas, all red and green.  That with a tree and a few red candles really spells out Christmas.  So on Monday I bought one in Sainsbury’s.  I chose to buy it from that shop because I had read that they were all British grown and I thought that would be better than an imported one.


I brought it home and placed it on a mat on the dining room table, out of draughts, away from a window, at a constant 18 degrees C temperature and was carefull to test how moist the soil was and not to overwater it.

However, less than a week has passed and already the lower leavs are curling up and falling off.  How difficult it is to keep a Poinsettia alive!! Why does this happen every year?  Gradually the green leaves fall off and then the red ones, until you are left with a few stalks.  I think it must be because they are hot house grown and when they come inside a house, it is not as hot and humid as where they were grown.  Anyway, with a little luck it will last til past Christmas day and that is the most important time.

Any hints on keeping a poinsettia alive will be most welcome!!

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Making a Xmas holly wreath

As we have willow whips, holly and ivy growing in the woods, we thought rather than buy a holly wreath, this year we would make one ourselves.  Firstly Neil went down the woods to gather the necessary materials.


I started by weaving the willow whips around each other to form a circle.


Then I added the holly.  We had quite long lengths of holly so it was easy to weave in and out.


Next I added the ivy.  We had some good bits of ivy with flowers on, so that made it more fancy than just leaves.


I kept it all in place with some copper wire that Neil had left over from electrical things he had done.

Then I added a red bow at the bottom, some red berries and a couple of decorations.


When we hung it on the front door it looked spiffy!! OK a bit rural, a bit messy and not as pristine as a shop bought one but that’s the fun of rural crafts and doing it yourself.


So there we are – one home made holly wreath for Christmas.

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Choir, carols, colds and cakes

I recently joined the newly formed Buckland St Mary community choir. We are a motely bunch. There were no auditions – it’s just turn up and sing your heart out. To start with we didn’t have a conductor and would just sing along to a CD. We tried to get Gareth Malone to come along and put us through our paces.  Unfortunately he wasn’t available, but now we have the lovely Penny to lick us into shape.  She is getting us to sing in rounds and in harmony so we are starting to sound good. On Friday we had our last practice before our first public performance at the Buckland St Mary church carol service on Thursday evening, but unfortunately we were down in number as quite a few people had colds.

Today was the other local carol service, in the Bishopswood hall organised by Bishopswood chapel. I had pledged to make cakes for the tea afterwards, so even though I woke up this morning with a horrid sore throat and the start of a cold, I made the cakes and took them along beforehand. Here are my cakes – choc chip ones with chocolate buttons on top:


We didn’t stay long.  Neil has been full of cold all week so he couldn’t sing, and I want to be well enough to sing on Thursday.  I love singing carols so was sorry to miss out today.

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