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Roaring fire and new coal scuttle

There’s nothing like a roaring fire when it’s bitterly cold outside.  Our multifuel stove in the dining room heats the core of the house.  We have an old stone house and you need to keep the centre warm in the winter.  We burn both wood and coal, well nuggets of Taybrite and Ecocoal to be specific.  Most of the wood comes from the trees in our woods which Neil cuts down in the Spring, then leaves to dry out, then cuts into small enough pieces for the stove.

The stove in the dining room

We have a couple of kettles on top of the stove, which boil water for cooking or tea etc.  We can also cook soup, or stews in a pan on the stove top, so if the electric goes out at least we have some means of cooking.

Recently our coal hod or scuttle has been rusting away, until a large hole appeared in the side and the coal was no longer staying inside.  So we needed to buy a new one.  We looked in our local hardware store and they were really quite expensive, so then I looked on Ebay.  I love Ebay, you can get so many things and you don’t have to go trapsing round shops, it gets delivered to your door.  How lazy is that?  Wonderful. I found a great new coal scuttle for half the price of the local store and it duly arrived today.  You can see the old and the new below………

old and new coal scuttles

So with our wood pile, our stack of coal, our new coal scuttle we are all set for the winter.

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