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Invasion of the fluffy white seeds

For the past 2 days, fluffy white seeds have been blown in the wind all over the place.  They blew in through the bathroom window, they have covered the grass and the flowers, they even got in Tarquin the cat’s fur.  We thought it was Dandelion fluff, but there was just so much of it that by the side of the  back drive it looked like a snow drift.

fluffy white seed “snow drift”

This afternoon a local woodman came to visit and he told us the seeds were from the Willow tree, known locally here as “Withy”, so not dandelion at all.  The seeds just stuck to everything, they got it your hair and clothes and all over the seedtrays I spent the day sowing. 

 If you want to see our summer snow, visit us at   This white fluff is everywhere, it feels like we have been invaded.  Probably because we have so many withy or willow trees in our woods!!

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