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Turning the garden into a builder’s yard

Our builders have been hard at work, and the back garden is rapidly turning into a builder’s yards.  We have piles of wall blocks, insulation, scalpings, cement, and sand, along with scaffold planks and pipes.


They have had to dig up the back lawn to lay drainage pipes and there are piles of earth everywhere.


However they are making progress on building the kitchen.  This was yesterday:


And by the end of  today they were 3 blocks high.


All the spoil from digging out for the foundations has been taken down to the woods and made into a road so now we have decent access to the woods.


I would recommend these builders. There are 3 or 4 of them here everyday and they really get on with the job.  It’s great to see the difference every day and know that I am one step closer to my dream kitchen.

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Digging up the dirt!

Our builders have been busy taking lots of earth out of the floor of the pump room and the footings for our new kitchen.  It is interesting to see the layers of strata, topsoil on top and clay underneath.


After digging down this far they had more to dig out for the foundations of the new kitchen.  They have been taking the spoil away and laying it down as a path in our woods for us.


Today they have been laying down the pipes for drainage.


Tomorrow they will be laying down the concrete for the footings in the gaps.


Today we had 8 tons of ballast delivered along with quite a few bags of cement for them to mix the concrete.


In the meantime we just go about our normal jobs whilst watching what is going on outside all day.

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