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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Yesterday we hosted a fundraising Macmillan coffee morning in Buckland St Mary church.  Every second Saturday of the month a coffee morning is held in the church.  Each month different people organise it in aid of different charities.  The actual date set by Macmillan for the “World’s biggest coffee morning” is Friday 28th Sept, but as here it has to be a Saturday, we did ours early.

me ready for the coffee morning to start

I got my friends to help out too. We had 2 people on the raffle in the porch, catching people as they came in. Two more friends manned the cake and jam stall (I had been baking all day Friday and other friends donated cakes they had made too).  Neil and I were on tea and coffee making and he did most of the washing up, helped by another friend.  It still felt like hard work, all for an hour and a half coffee morning, but still, only once a year and we made £259 altogether.

Our friends running the raffle

We took £103.20 in donations for coffee, and a further £103 for the raffle, and £52.80 in cakes and jam.

The coffee morning in progress

So this week we will be sending £259 to Macmillan Cancer support charity.  We were pleased with the amount raised and grateful to all the helpers and all attendees.

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