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Making Sloe Gin in November

Our lovely B&B guests very kindly brought us a large bag full of Sloes that they had picked in the hedgerows in Herefordshire.  When they were here last time we were bemoaning that there were no sloes here in Buckland St Mary and they told us the sloes were plentiful near them, so they picked some, froze them and brought them on down to us.  That was so kind and thoughtful of them.

So we started off straight away making some sloe gin.  Firstly  you need the gin and we buy the cheapest we can find from Asda or Lidl.  For each litre of gin you need 250g of granulated sugar and a few drops of Vanilla essence.

These were the sloes just thawing out:

There were some really quite large ones amongst the haul, but they are smaller than damsons.  I used a funnel to add the sugar to the demi john.

And that’s all there is to it, just sloes, gin, sugar and vanilla. You give it a good shake every day for a week, every week for a month and every month for about 6 months.  We split the sloes into 2 demi johns as there were quite a lot of them, and in all used 2.5 litres of gin.  Goodness only knows what the recycling men thought of all the gin bottles in the recyling this week!!

To make sloe gin in November is somewhat later in the year than normal, but then we had different circumstances this year, so we are just glad to be making any at all.  It won’t be ready for Christmas this year though, so good job we have a little drop of sloe gin left from last year’s brew.

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