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The Big Fix, nation wide Repair Café 15th Feb 2020

Yesterday we took part in the Big Fix, a nation wide movement of repair cafes to try and repair the highest number of items yet.  Repair Cafes are growing, about 78 in the UK now, and yesterday we were open longer than usual from 10am to 4pm to really put Repair, Reuse and Recycle on the map, and prevent many items and Carbon, going into Land Fill.20200215_110924

Neil was on electrical and Dyson repairs and I was the waitress going round all the volunteers and making sure they were kept well nourished and hydrated.  We also had a café in another room where tea, coffee, cakes, bacon butties, and soup were on sale to all the people bringing in items to repair, whilst they were waiting.DSC03751

We had the highest number of volunteer repairers since the Blackdown Hills Repair Café opened over 2 years ago in Hemyock, and a wide number of skills, from computer repairs, guitar and violin repairs, to furniture repairs and sewing – 5 ladies brought in their sewing machines.

Across the other side of the room were all the electrical repairers and knife sharpeners and bicycle repairers.  The morning was very busy, in spite of Storm Dennis and the pouring rain, which doesn’t seem to have put people off.

A terrific effort by all involved and great fun to be part of.

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Repair café Hemyock

On Saturday we went across to Hemyock to the Repair Café run by the Blackdown Hills Transition Group.  It’s such a good idea, bringing broken things to be repaired rather than throwing them away.  This particular café marks the 6th one the Transition group has held, over the duration of a year.  It has gone from strength to strength with more repairers and more people than ever turning up with stuff to be repaired.

Whilst waiting for their items to be repaired, people could avail themselves of a bacon buttie or cake with coffee and tea.  It becomes very social with people sitting around talking to each other whilst they wait.

Repair cafes started in Holland but the idea has spread very quickly.  Most of us old enough to remember, will know our parents used to repair items rather than throw them away, but recently manufacturers have been making stuff that is difficult to repair, and they would rather you went and bought a new one and threw the old one away.  This is no good for the environment and as an organisation the Transition group is about finding ways to reduce waste and keep things out of landfill.

There was bicycle repairs, electrical repairs, computer and furniture repairs, sewing, knife sharpening, watches and clock repairs, and upcycling of items. Additionally there were a variety of tools for sale that had been donated. It was busy, busy, busy and became quite difficult to park!  The Repair Café is a huge success now and will continue every other month in Hemyock, but we are trying to get them going in other parts of the Blackdown Hills too.

Come and stay with us and visit the Repair Café.




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