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The hens are a funny bunch

The hens are a funny bunch.  We have conditioned them like Pavlov’s Dog, so that when they hear our feet on the gravel outside the back door, they think it means we are coming to see them with food and they rush down the field, wings flapping, running madly and wait at the fence edge nearest to us.

hens waiting for food by the fence
At lunch time we throw them bread and corn and they go mad for it, especially the bread. They pick up one piece and run off with it, so none of the others can have it, eat it , and then come back for another piece. When all the bread is gone they start on the corn.  They  have “layers pellets” on free demand 24/7 in the hen house, so they can get those at any time.

Hens pecking at bread and corn

Unfortunately they poop in the nest box too, so we have to clear the poop out everyday, but sometimes the eggs are a bit dirty on the outside.  We get all shades of brown, including pinky brown, and then one white and one blue from our 2 cream legbars.  All these lovely eggs for our B&B guests’ breakfasts.

Eggs in the nest box

Today we got 12 eggs from them, but the other day it was 14 which is our record from 16 hens.  I love going down to the nest box and peering inside to say what they have laid us.  
14 eggs laid the other day

The other funny thing about the hens is when they to go to sleep. They take themselves up into the hen house at dusk and we have 4 perches in there for them.  But they don’t stand 4 to a perch, they huddle up together and some go in the nest box and about 7 squeeze together on the first perch and the rest behind.  I think they huddle together to keep warm, but they do look funny.


The hens all huddled together at night

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