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Home made Christmas wreath

This year I made another Christmas wreath, from willow whips, holly and ivy growing in the woods.  It is a bit more shaped like a horse’s bridle than a round wreath, but that’s OK as it is authentic home made.  I added the bow, bauble and berries to give it a bit of colour.


I last made one 2 years ago, here is my blog on how to make one.

It’s a bit incongruous this year what with the scaffolding still up on the front of the house, but I thought we should try and bring the Christmas spirit in, in spite of the building works.

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Making a Xmas holly wreath

As we have willow whips, holly and ivy growing in the woods, we thought rather than buy a holly wreath, this year we would make one ourselves.  Firstly Neil went down the woods to gather the necessary materials.


I started by weaving the willow whips around each other to form a circle.


Then I added the holly.  We had quite long lengths of holly so it was easy to weave in and out.


Next I added the ivy.  We had some good bits of ivy with flowers on, so that made it more fancy than just leaves.


I kept it all in place with some copper wire that Neil had left over from electrical things he had done.

Then I added a red bow at the bottom, some red berries and a couple of decorations.


When we hung it on the front door it looked spiffy!! OK a bit rural, a bit messy and not as pristine as a shop bought one but that’s the fun of rural crafts and doing it yourself.


So there we are – one home made holly wreath for Christmas.

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