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The Christmas decorations are up

Over the weekend we put up our Christmas decorations.  I wanted to buy a growing Christmas tree in a pot, so we could put it in the garden afterwards, but the only ones they had were tiny and we wanted a 5 foot tree, so we bought a cut one.  I decorated it with gold and red baubles.


Then I looked to the windows to hang some more baubles.  I saw this is Country Living magazine, but of course mine don’t look like the ones they had in their picture!!


You can see the reindeer antlers over the globe lamp.  I shall be wearing those on Wednesday when we do Christmas lunch for the old folk at the Golden Age Club!!

I have some really big baubles that we hang from the beam in the living room.


Then there are the icicle lights across the beam in the inglenook fireplace.  They were given to us by our ex next door neighbours where we used to live, and they fit just right here.


You see Neil has hung up his Xmas stocking in anticipation.  We also have lights all round the inside front door which can be seen from the outside, so it all looks jolly festive.  These are the lights and decorations across the mantlepiece in the lounge.


Cards all written and posted, decorations up, much of the shopping done, so now we are nearly ready for Christmas.

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Ilminster Carnival

Carnival is big business down in the south west of England.  The carnival season starts at Wellington, and this Saturday was at Ilminster, which is only 5 miles away from us, and as we hadn’t been before we decided to go.

It was amazing!.  The floats were huge and all lit up, with their own large generators.  Lots of pumping music and dancers.  Also lots of majorettes from different towns, but it was the floats that blew us away, they were so professional and obviously had cost a lot of money.

the roaring twenties floatmore lights on a float

We certainly hadn’t seen anything like this back we used to live.

A spooky floata disney float

Carnival comes to Chard next Saturday the 8th October. If you want to come down to see it, visit us at Lodge House B&B

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