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Xmas lunch

Our Xmas lunch was lovely.  The turkey we had won was delicious.  I cooked it slowly for 3 and a half hours at a low temp, with streaky bacon over the top and then foil over the top of that.  It was moist and lovely.

carving the Xmas turkey

The turkey we won was jut 9lbs weight so just right for 3 of us.  I carved all one breast for Xmas day, and then we had the other side as cold meat with chips on Boxing Day.

We had the traditional vegetables to accompany our turkey.  Roast parsnips, carrots and potatoes, and brussel sprouts and cauliflower, sage and onion stuffing and redcurrant jelly.  Absolutely delicious.
serving up Xmas lunch

Here I am serving up Xmas lunch with Neil’s sister.  For pudding we had traditional Xmas pudding, that I had won in the Xmas bazaar, and mince pies with cream.  And then we sat down to watch the Queen at 3pm.


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Carols around the brazier

Last night we went to Bishopswood Chapel to sing carols around a brazier.  It certainly kept us warm, especially when it started to rain, but luckily we had taken hats with us.

Singing carols around the fire
We were lucky too to have someone playing the accordion to acoompany the singing, well in fact to lead it.  We could hardly see the song sheets for the dark and the rain!!
But many of the carols we know by heart anyway.
The accordion player

Afterwards we went inside for a nice cup of tea and a minced pie.  Very social.  This was the last of our Carol singing before Xmas.

The tree and all the decorations are up.  The shopping is done, the presents wrapped, we are ready for Christmas!!

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Christmas Carol Services

We have been to two Christmas carol services in the past few days.  The first one was at Buckland St Mary church on Thursday evening.  The children from the Buckland St Mary C of E primary school led the proceedings by coming in by candelight, singing “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” – very cute.  We then had various carols and readings, some by children and some by parishioners.  The children sang “Oh Little town of Bethlehem” to a different tune to the one we know!! 

It’s jolly cold in Buckland church, so we had to wrap up warm, and after the service we were offered mince pies and hot mulled wine.

Then on Sunday (yesterday) we went to the Bishopswood village hall for the 3pm carol service organised by the free evangelical chapel in Bishopswood.  This was quite an informal affair, with people sat around tables which were decorated with Xmas trees or baubles and a dish of Quality Street sweets!!  Again we sang several carols and there were readings and a georgie poem about Xmas read by the new pastor. We were reminded by the pastor of the true meaning of Christmas, which can sometimes get lost amidst the presents and decorations and commercialised hype at this time of year.

After the service there was a feast.  I had been asked to make a cake, but there was lots of savoury dishes, quiches, sandwiches etc followed by lots of different types of cake and desserts such as trifle and cheesecake.  There was so much to eat that when we came home we decided we were too full to have dinner last night!!

Lots of people attended both services and which one did I prefer?  Both really, had their own merits, so I didn’t have a favourite.  It’s just nice participating in events held by the local community.

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