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Mouse attacks Subaru Impreza – shock horror!!!

We were going out in Neil’s Subaru and he found the windscreen washers wouldn’t work.  So when we were back home he filled the water reservoir up and thought no more of it.  Until we went out next time and it was empty again.  He decided we must have a leak but as the pipe to the windscreen washers wound round the side of the car and above the wheel and the car was still under warranty, Neil booked it in for a warranty repair.

Later that afternoon we got a phone call from the car repairers to say they had found the source of the leak, the pipe had been nibbled by a mouse!!  £58 later we got the car back all repaired.  Expensive mouse damage.  The car is always in the garage at night, so a happy little mouse had decided to creep under the bonnet, presuably attracted by the warmth of the engine when we had just come back home, and sat there munching away at the washer pipe.

mouse damage on the washer pipe

The pipe is painted white to show the damage.

So reluctantly we are going to have to put some mouse traps down in the garage……….  Life in the country!!!

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