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Progress on the building front October 2014

Our builders are making great progress on the renovation and building works.  Once all the foundations and underpinning were done, they laid a concrete floor and then were able to put up the rafters for the first floor of the pump room.


The following week they put up the rafters for the 2nd floor.


You could then see what the view will be from the 2nd floor bedroom window.


This week they broke through the ground floor window. The walls were pretty thick so this was quite a job.  The window has to be quite shallow as the bottom will be level with the raised ground in the front garden, hence you can see the plants through the opening which will need to be dug up.


The men have also been rendering the inside walls of the pump room with lime cement render (which breathes), getting ready for the eventual plaster on the walls.  The next job is to “tank” the floor with a waterproof membrane so no water can seep through.


Outside they have piled up the building blocks for construction of the new kitchen extension.  Can’t wait to see this go up.


We just have to pray for some dry weather to let the men get on with the outside work, as it has been horrendous with rain this week, so they have been concentrating on the inside jobs in the pump room.

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Starting the renovation works

It feels like we have been waiting a long time for the builders to start the renovation works.  We have a derelict third of the house known as the Pump Room as it holds a well and a Georgian pump in there.  It is 3 storey’s and has stood still in that state for many years.  There is no electricity or water to that side of the house .  It is thought the ground floor of the pump room was where the neighbours would come to draw water from all 3 houses here and that the top level was a “Penny School”.

The builders started by shoring up the ceilings and knocking out the closed up windows in the front.  This house dates back to 1760 and is full of quirks and nooks and crannies, no walls being straight or ceilings level.

DSC06970Yesterday the builders proceeded to take down all the ceiling and floor timbers, all of which were ancient and not sawn timbers but just tree trunks.  We are keeping the best ones to put back as decoration but will need all new timbers for strength,  It is uncanny to look at the pump house without any ceilings or floors.


It’s just a vast shell now and you can see where there are openings and spaces and where the walls aren’t level.


The very top of the roof timbers are interesting and we are wondering if we will be able to keep them exposed once they have done all the insulation.

The builders found an old table and a Victorian fire surround up there.


There was also a large collection of empty bottles but unfortunately nothing of any consequence.


It’s sort of eerie looking up into the building now exposing it’s secret doors and openings.


It’s so exciting now the work has started to see how they will fix things as they go along.  We are having a snug lounge downstairs with the well as a feature, a downstairs loo under the stair case which will lead up the first floor bedroom and en suite bathroom, and then the stairs lead up again to the second floor for another bedroom and bathroom, which we are hoping will be big enough for a family room.

So watch this space for regular updates on the renovation work.

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