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Xmas comes early to Buckland St Mary

Yesterday was the Christmas bazaar held in Buckland St Mary village hall.  For the third year running Neil and I were on the Bric-a-brac stall.  When we arrived in the morning to set up there was already loads of “Stuff” in boxes on our table for us to sort out.  In fact we had heaps of stuff and wondered how we were going to sell it all.

The bazaar was opened by Father Christmas at 2.15pm.

He has “Mother Christmas” there to help him sort our which little kiddie is going in to see him next!!

We had a great assortment of things on our stall:-  mugs and coasters, gloves, bags, plates, pictures, jewellery, books, draw liners etc to name but a few.

The funniest thing was someone had knitted some mittens and donated them, but they were both the left hand!! May be someone else is wandering around with 2 right  hand ones.

In spite of the heavy pouring rain the bazaar was well attended. There were raffles and cream teas, a bottle tombola  and the brownies were wandering around with “name the reindeer” so lots to raise money from.  We made £68.50 on our stall, just better than last year.

Busy Xmas Bazaar

The only down side to running the bric-a-brac stall is that you have to clear up whats left afterwards.  We boxed everything up and are going to take it all into Chard to the Ferne Animal Sanctuary Charity Shop tomorrow.

This was the first of various activities to look forward to in Buckland St Mary in the run up to Xmas.

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Buckland St Mary Christmas Bazaar

Today was Buckland St Mary’s Christmas Bazaar.  Like last year we were on the Bric a Brac stall, basically selling other people’s junk, or their unwanted gifts.

We set up this morning, then went back at 2pm to await the opening of the bazaar by Father Christmas!!

Father Christmas at Buckland St Mary

We had a number of varied things to sell, from plates with poppies on, to scarves, old knives and forks, crockery, a hamper, jewellery bits and pieces to name but a few.

Here is Kathy at our stall.

Kathy at the Bric a Brac stall

The weather wasn’t too bad today, dry and sunny but cold, but much better than this time last year when we had the first snow.  A good number of people turned out and we raised £62.80 selling stuff today, which wasn’t bad really.

lots of people turn out for the bazaar

So there we are – rural life in the community of Buckland St Mary.
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