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Blueberry Vodka

We’ve had a terrific number of blueberries on our 4 bushes this year, best ever.  So I have made blueberry muffins, and we’ve eaten them raw with raspberries and meringue and cream – yummy.  But then I started looking around for a blueberry liquer recipe and found one for Blueberry Vodka.

First you pick the blueberries and wash and dry them.  You need between 450 to 500g for this recipe.

Beautiful blueberries

Then you tip them into a demi john or large jar.

Blueberries in the demi john

Next you add 210 grams of white sugar. I used granulated sugar.

Add the sugar

Then add 500ml of vodka. For a larger bottle of vodka, increase the quantities of sugar and blueberries in proportion.

Adding the vodka

Then give it a good shake and cover and keep in a cool place for at least 2 months, shaking daily.  After at least 2 months, strain off the berries and pour into a suitable bottle.  The blueberry vodka, or blueberry liquer should be ready for drinking.


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