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Strawberries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and jam

Yesterday we picked our first trug of strawberries.  I can hardly believe how laden the plants are with fruit, there are red berries everywhere.


I absolutely love strawberries and it is no problem for me to have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still we have enough over to make jam.  I also gave some to our next door neighbours as they were eyeing them up enviously!!!

Our B&B guests at the weekend had them with their cereal for breakfast.  If you want to share our strawberries then come for a visit.

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Making a Xmas holly wreath

As we have willow whips, holly and ivy growing in the woods, we thought rather than buy a holly wreath, this year we would make one ourselves.  Firstly Neil went down the woods to gather the necessary materials.


I started by weaving the willow whips around each other to form a circle.


Then I added the holly.  We had quite long lengths of holly so it was easy to weave in and out.


Next I added the ivy.  We had some good bits of ivy with flowers on, so that made it more fancy than just leaves.


I kept it all in place with some copper wire that Neil had left over from electrical things he had done.

Then I added a red bow at the bottom, some red berries and a couple of decorations.


When we hung it on the front door it looked spiffy!! OK a bit rural, a bit messy and not as pristine as a shop bought one but that’s the fun of rural crafts and doing it yourself.


So there we are – one home made holly wreath for Christmas.

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Amazing Cauliflowers

Look what’s growing in the vegetable patch! Amazing cauliflowers!! Well they may seem pretty ordinary to you, but to me they are amazing because this is the first time I have grown them.  The little plants were dug in last Autumn and immediately grew big green leaves, but for months there has been no sign of anything else.  Then today I went and had a look at them, and I have 3 cauliflowers.  Not much I know but I only had 6 plants to start with, so maybe the other 3 are late developers?

My first cauliflower!!

I shall wait another week for the largest one to grow a bit bigger and then next Sunday with our roast we shall sample our first home grown cauliflower.

Also down the veggie patch is the first emerging rhubarb.  I love the way the buds push their way through the soil and then unfurl their leaves revealing their pinky red stems.

Rhubarb emerging

Having cleared the strawberry bed of all the dead foliage and runners, the new little plants are developing their first leaves, hopefully heralding a bumper crop of delicious red berries in June.  Can’t wait!!

The strawberry bed

The next job is to plant the first early potatoes.  I love this time of year, it’s so exciting planning our crops for the coming season.

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