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The builders have finished for Christmas


The builders have finished for Christmas.  We warmed up some mince pies for their tea break and gave them a case of beer and some shortbread to share.  They have made great progress on the kitchen extension in the last couple of weeks.  First they got all the roof timbers up.


Then they added the roof tiles and carefully installed the lead channels that lead the water off the roof.  It is a very neat job.


The windows and door aperture have been filled in with the roofing felt material to help the kitchen floor dry out.  We hope to have the windows and door in early into the New Year.

It just leaves me to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Kathy and Neil, Lodge House B&B.


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Bees in the roof

The men have been working on redoing the whole roof, with new timbers and insulation (that we never had before) and relaying the tiles and slates.  However near one of the chimneys they discovered a number of bees, so Neil and Harry Pym ( the boss of the builders) donned bee suits and went up the ladders to investigate.  Neil removed tiles and found a fully formed bees nest with combs they had built themselves. They had been there some time as Neil could tell from the colour of the combs.  It would appear they had built the comb into an old chimney flue.


He smoked the bees to pacify them and then gradually started removing the comb they had built and putting it into frames and into a hive.


Of course there were lots of bees buzzing around all the time and Neil just hoped he had captured the queen and put her into a frame in the hive, so the other bees would follow. In spite of this neither Neil nor Harry got stung.


He got a good view from on top of the roof.


Neil took the frames and put them into a hive at the bottom of the garden, complete with their stores, so they have some food to keep them going, but he also put a feeder in with some sugar syrup solution as extra feed.  On a sunny day we have seen some bees coming and going so we are hoping that the hive will take and be strong to see through the winter.

In the meantime the men have now finished the roof.  It looks lovely and straight and secure.  Here they are putting in the roofing felt and insulation.


Then finishing off the lead around the chimney.


The roof looks really good now and is not only straight but probably good for the next 150 years!


We should be warm and toasty with the new insulation and hopefully the bees are too in their new hive.  We shall have to watch them carefully to see they make it through into the Spring.

The B&B is still open at the moment, but will have to close temporarily in the New Year when the work to put a new supporting steel comes into my kitchen and causes lots of disruption.

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Having Solar panels fitted

Its been all excitement this week as we have had a 3 kilowatt array of Solar Photovoltaic panels fitted to the west side of our roof, which means it is out of sight from the road/track in front of our house, and also on the newer part of the roof.  The south facing side of the roof was too shallow to take the panels.  Firstly they started by putting up scaffolding.

scaffolding on the side of the house

Then they removed the tiles to insert large timbers to reinforce the perlins in the loft.  This was to make the roof more sturdy to support the weight of the panels and ensure we had no problems in the future.  You can see the timbers resting at the side of the house.

The hefty timbers to reinforce the roof

The next step was to start replacing the slates, at the same time putting in the brackets that support the rails upon which the panels are placed.

The brackets on the slates

Then they added the rails.

The rails are added to the brackets

Lastly the actual solar panels were fitted to the rails.  We have 12 Sanyo panels which currently are the ones on the market, that are the most efficient.

Solar panels on the roof

The next stage will be to have it all connected up to the invertor in the loft and then to the meter etc.  After this we have to complete all the paperwork to apply for the feed-in-tariff for the next 25 years.  When its all connected up as long as their is ultra violet rays from the sun , the panels will start generating electricity, which we will be able to use for free throughout the day.

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