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Update on the chickens

Yesterday we noticed that one of the Black Rocks was standing all puffed up and on her own and not going for food when it was thrown.  Neil picked her up and it was like she was sick, so we separated her from the others, in the old hen house.  A local farmer’s wife had told us that if a chicken gets sick, feed it through a syringe with a little Beechams Powder.  So we mixed some up and tried that.  She seemed to perk up a bit in the evening, but when I went down to let the chickens out this morning she was dead.  So Neil put her body out in the woods for the fox to take away.  Better he has the dead chickens than the live ones.

At the same time Mrs Speckledy has gone broody again.  It is the same hen that went broody about this time last year.  She was hogging the nest box and the other hens were picking on her as they didn’t like that.  So we cleaned out the old hen house, put down lovely new straw in the nest box and transferred her in so she could have the nest box all to herself.  Then this afternoon we went to Pure Poultry in Horton and picked up 11 fertilised eggs for her to sit on.  Pure Poultry only sells pure breed hens and eggs and we walked round the pens picking the eggs from different types of hens.  I wish I could remember them all, there were some Brahmas, Buff Sussex, Marans and several other breeds that I am going to have to look up in a book to remember.


As you can see some of the eggs are really dark brown and some white and some inbetween. We bought 10 eggs and he popped another one in for luck.  It will be fun to see what chicks hatch and what they grow into.  All Mrs Speckledy has to do now is sit on them for 21 days and we have to watch this space!!

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