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Down with the Sycamore Trees

We have been having trouble with a neighbour’s sycamore trees.  The branches have been interfering with the overhead power cables and causing trip outs.  We have been on to Western Power about this and they sent a guy from their tree contractors round to survey the problem.  They had to get permission from the farmer as the trees are on his land, and he agreed not only to having them trimmed but to having them cut right down as they would only grow up again, sycamore trees grow so quickly.

This is the trees how they looked before the work was done.  They also blocked sunlight onto our front garden during the afternoon.


So the other day the contractors arrived, we made them a cup of tea and they started working cutting down the trees.


They worked away all day long, cutting and chipping.  One guy had to climb one of the tree trunks to cut down the side branches.


And then by evening all that was left was the Ash tree.


Don’t get me wrong I love trees, after all we have 2 acres of woodland that we are nurturing, but Sycamores are like weeds, they grow about 6 feet a year and drop seedlings all over the place, so sometimes its good to get rid of them.

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Down with the Sycamore tree

When we moved here we inherited a sycamore tree on the corner of the back garden between us and our next door neighbours.  Neither of us were very keen on this tree as it overshadows the vegetable patch and leaves lots of little seedlings all over the place every year.  So the decision was taken to cut it down.  It had 3 trunks and here is a picture of what it looked like before we began cut it down.

Sycamore tree

So Neil and our neighbour took down the first trunk, leading it to fall on our back lawn.

The first trunk down

Next they tied a strap around the 2nd trunk and Neil pulled whilst our neighbour put a strategic cut in one side, and then went round the other side to finish it off.

Then, one, two, three, down it comes as Neil quickly runs out of the way………..


This process was  repeated for the 3rd trunk until all we were left with was 3 tree stumps and lots of woods across our lawn.

The view with the tree down

The big job is to clear all the branches.  Neil has been chopping and I have been feeding small stuff through the chipper.  Wood that is big enough for the woodburner is being chopped and popped into the wood shed to dry out for next Winter.  The smaller stuff we are bagging up which will make kindling to start the fires.

Branches that need chopping up

Neil has been out there for 4 days now sawing away. It’s a long job and we want to get it finished to we can clear the lawn which needs cutting now.

Neil working away at the saw bench

So lots to do, keeping us both busy.  We need to get sorted out as we have B&B guests for 4 days coming up at the weekend so we want the place looking neat and tidy by then.

So I’d better get back to it!!

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