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Taunton flower Show August 2019

We had never been to the Taunton Flower show before, even though it is very well established being the oldest flower show in the UK.  We prepaid our tickets but had to queue to get in.  Going at opening time obviously is the busiest time, won’t make that mistake again.DSC03375

The Taunton Flower Show takes place in Vivary Park which in itself has magnificent beds of flowers, run by the council.DSC03374

There were lots of craft stalls, and food stallsDSC03371


and plant stalls, with metal objects for your garden being very popular this year.DSC03373

A Blacksmith was giving a demonstration.DSC03376

In the flower marquee there were air plants,DSC03383

and carnivorous plants,DSC03388


and mixed displays of all sorts of other flowers.DSC03387



We watched some GMX bikers in the arena doing somersaults in the air.DSC03382

The combined marching bands of Bideford & Barnstaple had both bagpipes and flutes and drums.  They were very good.DSC03380


In the arena also was a dog agility show and then some aerial acrobatic girls who performed with long ribbons.DSC03391

Something for everyone.  It was very busy, lots of families and lots of people and it was hot today! The ducks were loving it.DSC03377

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Sustainability show, Taunton

Last Sunday we went to the Sustainability Show in Taunton.  There were lots of tents and marquees showing everything “green” from organic food, to Yurts and Shepherd’s Huts, lots of solar panels, air source heat pumps, poultry and wildlife.  Luckily the sun shone and we were able to wander around in the dry.

The very first stall we went to was from an owl sanctuary.  This little owl was only 9 weeks old, and I was able to stroke him.  His feathers were just so soft!!

Baby owl

Another stand was from a poultry farm not far from us.  We talked to the guy about pure breeds versus hybrids and found that all our hens were hybrids, none of them were pure breeds, something we didn’t know.  He had some large Brahma hens and a handsome Brahma cockerel, that he said wasn’t agressive, so he picked him up and handed him to me.

me with Brahma cockerel

We spent ages talking to a guy about air source heat pumps and underfloor heating which we would like for the derelict section of the house when we renovate it.  Really good to go to a show and have a look around at new technology and everything “green”.  We even shared an organic pizza between us for lunch!!  Now we have to think of putting some new ideas into practice. 

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We went to a Waggle Dance!!!

Yesterday evening we went to the Taunton and District Beekeepers’ Waggle Dance and Hog roast.

So what is a Waggle Dance I hear you ask?  Well it’s the movements that the bees do to tell other bees where the forage is. But for us humans it is a celidh!!

Dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

This took place in Neroche Hall which is a converted church.  There was a folk band and a caller, and as no one really knew what they were doing we had to concentrate on the instructions from the caller, to know when to swing your partner, form an arch or dose do!

more dancing at the Waggle Dance 2nd July 2011

The hog roast was delicious as were the puds!.  It was a glorious evening and we had great fun dancing the evening away.  See what fun us country folk get up to!!

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