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Duck racing in Bishopswood

Today we went to the duck racing at Mill Leat in Bishopswood.  Not real ducks I hasten to add, but little yellow plastic ducks all numbered and tipped into the Yarty river.  We had to buy a ticket with a number on, and then that was the number of your duck.  We followed their progress down the river.


Some got caught on stones along the way and had to be guided off.  One would dash past and then another would overtake.  The organiser had a loud haler and was calling out their progress.  There was money to be won on the duck first past the post.


We didn’t win anything in any of the 3 races, but it was a bit of fun, a bit of madness on a Summer’s afternoon.  There were also other duck themed activities.  Instead of a coconut shy there was a duck shy.


Neil’s sister was with us and she knocked down two ducks.  Then she had a go at throwing hoops round ducks.


There were other duck stalls too and some people even dressed in duck costumes. The face painting for the children was ducks on their cheeks!

But we rather more sedately retired with a Pimms!


The last thing was the tug of war between Bishopswood and Buckland St Mary.  Neil was in the Buckland team and went prepared in boots and gloves, but they still lost!


You can see the lovely thatched house in the background, in whose grounds the event took place.

They are going to try and make it an annual event.  It was well supported and everyone had a bit of fun.  Other villages hold duck races too so maybe its just a local thing around here.  We certainly had never heard of it until we moved here.

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Inter-village tug-of-war

Yesterday was the now annual inter-village tug-of-war between Otterford (which encompasses Bishopswood) and Buckland St Mary.  It was a glorious sunny day so we were lucky in that department.


Unfortunately there was also cricket going on in Buckland so some people didn’t turn out for the tug-of-war and the Buckland team were a bit short on the ground.  Neil went along and eventually they just evened the teams up with the men who turned out to make it fairer.


Neil was sensible enough to wear gloves so he had could contact with the rope.  The position they had chosen to do the tug-of-war was on a slight hill and what kept happening was that the team pulling down hill always won.  So in the end they called in a draw!!

Then we sat on the grass in the sunshine having a BBQ and drinking home made elderflower cordial,  lovely!!

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Jubilee celebrations part 3 – Mini Olympics

 On Monday afternoon we had the mini olympics between the 2 villages of Buckland St Mary and Bishopswood.  There was the egg and spoon race, firstly the adults then the under 16’s, and similar age splits for the 3 legged race and the sack race.

the sack race

There was penalty shoot out, and the shot put, and then of course the tug of war.  The first one was the men, Bishopswood versus Buckland St Mary – 8 strong men each side,  lots of huffing and puffing and a decisive win for Buckland St Mary 2 nil. 

 Then it was the turn of the ladies, only 7 a side this time.  First pull went to Bishopswood, second to Buckland and then the decisive third pull to Bishopswood.  Nevermind it was a valiant effort and more than I could have done!!

The Buckland ladies tug of war team

The afternoon was finished off with a game of rounders.  The overall winners between the villages of Bishopswood and Buckland St Mary, were Bishopswood, but nevermind Buckland it looks like it might become an annual event, so next year we can compete some more.

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