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Spreading the woodchips

Last week we had a huge pile of woodchips delivered and dumped round the back by the paddock by a local woodman.

Neil and Martin at the woodchip pile

Our friends from back in Langley, Martin and Wendy came to stay last week for a couple of days, and very kindly offered to help spread the woodchip over the black suppressant sheets that we had put down as paths between all the vegetable beds.

So Martin and Neil shovelled the woodchip into wheelbarrows and trundled it up the black sheets to where Wendy and I were standing with rakes to flatten it all out.

Wendy and Martin with the woodchipsWendy, rake in hand

We used the whole pile of woodchips to cover all the paths.  We didn’t have enough to do round the plants inside the fruit cage, so will have to have some more delivered.

Wendy with the rake

Anyway, now we have really nice paths to walk on around the raised vegetable beds.

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