My dresser full of memories

Today I decided to dust and polish the dresser and everything on it.  It had got quite dusty, which is an unfortunate result of having woodburning stoves, they do produce a lot of dust.  Taking everything off and dusting it all was a job I quite enjoyed as I remembered where all the different objects came from, it was a trip down memory lane.  It is also very satisfying putting everything back clean and gleaming.

This may look like a crowded dresser full of “nick knacks” but to me it is a dresser full of memories.  There is the blue tea pot with a kingfisher on which was my Mother’s and her Mother’s before that: the phrenology head that my husband bought me from an antiques market; the Greek plates and vases that came from our trips to the Greek islands: the heart shaped pebbles which picked up on a Devon beach before we got engaged; the blue and white plate I hunted for in an antiques market in Hungary; our fish decorated bowl and pot stand that came from Turkey along with the”Hand of Fatima” tile and mirror; the cup, saucer and matching plate that were Neil’s Mother’s; the pictures on slates, given to us by visiting language students who stayed with us; the black and white Wedgewood vase that was a 21st birthday present.  I could go on.  All these items have memories and mean something to us.  I love my dresser full of “Stuff”.  It makes a house a home!!

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  1. Chrisitne Cram said

    I love your dresser of memories. I have one too but I call mine “my Life” as it has bits and pieces from peolple and places that represent significant phases of my life

  2. Damaris said

    I love your beautiful things, and the way the colours tone in with one another. You’ve arranged them so well.

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